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It's time we talk about our beloved Vancouver line, Woodlot. This line, hand poured by couple Fouad and Sonia, features candles, soap bars, and mists.

When Fouad moved to Canada from the Mediterranean coast, he noticed his skin reacting to the soap. After visiting his uncle and working with olive pressing, he began to make soaps for himself. When Woodlot was started, the couple wanted a line that used minimal ingredients to treat the outside of our bodies like the inside so they use petroleum-free coconut wax for their candles, and their soap bars use a combination of olive oil, avocado oil and cocoa butter. 
The mists are floral water-based and have a variety of uses. They have a rose + palo scent which is wonderful to spritz on your face and hair as a boost. The second scent, lavender + bergamot, can be sprayed on your pillow for a calming and relaxing experience. 
My favorite Woodlot candle for the fall/winter season is Cascadia (pictured above). It uses a mix of Fir, Cedar and Patchouli pure-essential oils. It's woodsy without being over powering or smelling too much like a candle you should only use at Christmas time. 

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