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Fall is a magical time of year. The leaves turn bright colors, the sunshine becomes golden, and the crisp air drags you outside. It was a perfect time to have an outdoor dinner with our friends, GOLDEN RULE,  Solid Mfg Co. and Brightwater.

We started with our outdoor cedar table. As always, this table was made locally with reclaimed wood and made to withstand the outside elements. It made a great blank canvas for our outdoor dinner. 

We then added our pottery line. The white really stood out against the dark table. We used our dinner size plate. To serve the salad, pasta, and cranberry chutney, we used a variety of our nesting bowls. We made sure to have a pitcher of water and our honey pot to drizzle over the cheeses. The berry bowl with grapes over flowing from it adds a fun pop-of-color. Finally our Revere Lantern anchors one end of the table.

We went with our Denim Fog Linen Work Napkins against the white plates. We loved how the heathered navy looks against the clean white. We placed a sprig of Rosemary on top of each napkin. 

Sunsets happen pretty quick in the fall so we placed a variety of votive holders around the eucalyptus and rosemary runner we had running down the table for a little extra light. 

We picked a couple of bottles of red and white wine to make sure everyone had something they would like. These vintage glasses are from GOLDEN RULE. Salud! 

We served the food family style. It's always fun and intimate to pass around food with loved ones while chatting. We had a pesto pasta, a cranberry and apple chutney, a meat charcuterie, a cheese charcuterie, an arugula salad, and some sliced marinated beef. 

We brought a few wool blankets from Faribault Woolen Mill Co. for when it got dark and a little chilly. It was a good night to take time for each other and enjoy the company. 

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