pink House alchemy Bitters

  • $ 19.00

House Bitters: with added notes of cardamom, anise, and cinnamon.

Grapefruit Bitters: Fresh grapefruit bursts from the bottle with bitter tannins of grapefruit peel and the earthy notes of the gentian root.

Honeysuckle Bitters: Light and floral, this bitter pulls its notes from grassy honeysuckle flowers and warm tones of chamomile.

Smoldered Bitters: Smoky notes of chipotle pepper compliment rich black currant fruit and vanilla flavors. The spiciness of this bitter makes it a perfect pair with bourbon or dark rum.

Sarsaparilla Bitters: Soft notes of sweet sarsaparilla root come through the overtones of the bitter barks.

Developed in a one-hundred-year old pink house, the alchemists founded this company through the love of food and flavor. Inspired by complimentary patterns in roots, bark, fruits, herbs, and botanicals, pH works every day to find new and perfect connections between ingredients.

All products made with organic, local, or responsibly sourced ingredients.