Jacobson Salt Co. Salty Black Licorice

Jacobson Salt Co. Salty Black Licorice

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The “correct” recipe for salty black licorice has long been a subject of debate, but Jacobson Salt Co. thinks they created a version that strikes the perfect balance of savory and sweet with a spark of salt to enliven the senses. Their recipe starts with pure sea salt, sustainably harvested from Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast. They then carefully toast the sugar and butter to a perfect golden brown, before stirring in the molasses and anise. The result: a creamy licorice that slowly unfolds on your palate and finishes with a hit of salt and anise. This candy contains the traditional black food coloring used to give licorice its recognizable dark hue.

6.5oz Box

Best before 6 months.

Made in United States of America