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 I always say that the shop is a true reflection of us. It's not just because we hand selected our favorite, small batched items and opened the doors. It's because before we began our search for products, we took time to consider our personal beliefs and incorporate them. When people come into our shop, they get a sense of us by seeing our curation, but some of the shop's best qualities may be difficult to see. 

My mom and I have a soft spot for animals. I have two pugs (If you've been in the shop, you've met the girls) and my mom has two beagles (you can find them popping up on my mom's instagram feed), but our love doesn't stop for our own. We knew this feeling had to be present at the shop. 

We've all heard of animal testing. In short, they test the chemicals that will eventually go on our skin on animals. This is done by force-feeding the chemicals to the animal, rubbing the chemical on the animal's skin and eyes, and finally the "lethal dose" to determine if large amounts of the chemical could cause death. I'm not going to subject you to more horrifying statistics, videos and pictures- you can look them up if you would like to witness the cruelty yourself. Scientists have proven that animals, in fact, don't react the same way as humans do (i.e. chocolate, hello??) and it is NOT mandatory by the United States. 

I am always shocked to see the brands that are still using this outdated method of determining if chemicals are safe for humans. Some major companies include: Proctor & Gamble, Estée Lauder, L'Oreal, and Johnson & Jonhson. If you dig deeper into these companies, you'll see that this includes (not limited to) major brands such as, Crest, Tide, Dawn, Clinique, Downy, Avon, Neutrogena, and Garnier. Follow the link to PETA's website and search the beauty and health products currently in your home and find out the truth. 

When it came time to decide on our apothecary brands, we knew we had to be selective and find brands that had the same beliefs as us. Grown Alchemist, By Rosie Jane, Woodlot and L:A Bruket are ALL cruelty free. We will continue to follow this standard for new apothecary lines we may carry in the shop and we challenge YOU to follow this standard in your life to help end animal testing.

L:A Bruket Hand Lotion $29

Woodlot Soap Bar $10

Woodlot Refreshing Mist $19

By Rosie Jane Rosie Roll On $39

Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Cream $31


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