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In 1870, a small brush manufacturing, Iris Hantverk, was born in Stockholm, Sweden. The core business consisted of brush binding manufacturing. To this day, the brushes are still hand made by visually impaired craftsmen. They believe it brings a new dimension to the concept of being hand made. 

The philosophy of Iris Hantverk remains the same. They care for their craftsmen and the survival of the brush binding business. "We believe that many, like us, appreciate the feeling and quality of a hand drawn brush made of natural materials. 



Everyday Dish Brush: The brush you will use (yep, you got it) everyday. This brush is made from beech and horse hair. Horse hair is soft and gentle to clean your daily mess without scratching. Once your brush has seen better days, purchase a refill instead of buying a whole new one. 


Round Knob Dish Brush: This dish brush, produced with the same materials as the Everyday Dish Brush, but with a slightly more adorable style. Good for pots and pans as well as everything else. 


Dry Use Face Brush: This is the softest brush you will ever touch. It's made from oak and goat hair. You should use the brush on a dry, clean face. No water needed on this brush since it will ruin the goat hair. Using this brush will remove dead skin and give the skin a fresh glow. I tend to use this little guy twice a week. 


See our full line up of Iris Hantverk products here 


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