Meet Pip & Pal

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Meet Pip & Pal.

We've collaborated with our neighbor, GOLDEN RULE, in tiny ways over time with parties, photoshoots, and dreams. This eventually lead to a partnership in order to create something, we felt, was missing in our charming town of Excelsior- a baby + children's store.   

Pip & Pal is deeply influenced from our current shops. Not only in aesthetic, but also in standards. We choose to stock high quality, small batched, and fair trade clothing, accessories and gifts. 

Our thoughts are to bring you beautiful heirloom pieces that you can pass down to the next sibling and even the next generation. 

You can shop for the little ones in your lives online or on GRAY's front porch through the summer. 

We hope you enjoy. 


pip & pal was formed both organically over the period of a couple years and spontaneously in the moment. as some of the best ideas come to us, simmering on the back burner in our hearts and minds and bubbling up when ready, as though they always were and how did we live without them?

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